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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Be Inspired: Fulani Tribe Inspiration

The Fulani woman can be found in Nigeria, Senegal, and parts of Guinea. They are very beautiful and graceful and are known for wearing attractive attire and gorgeous hairstyles. 

They are mostly nomads, moving from one location to another, but this has not affected the level of attention they pay to their personal appearance.

The women of the Fulani Tribe believe in taking the time to care and maintain their looks. This especially goes for the appearance of their hair. Since the lifestyle of a Fulani woman is very active, they tend to lean towards styles that are convenient for their daily activities. They adorn themselves with elaborate and artistic hairstyles that make heads turn.

The women from the Fulani tribe are no different than any other beautiful woman anywhere in the world and what we all have in common is our love for beautiful hair.
Women in general, love to stand out from the crowd no matter their environment. The easiest way to gain the spotlight is by donning a hairstyle that will make heads turn.

    Fish Tail Up-Do    

  This fish tail up-do will definitely have heads turning to check out this unique hairstyle. No better way to show off your beautiful face than by wearing your hair up in an elegant up-do. The Fulani women are known for their exquisite facial features. This is a style that can easily take you from day to night. Fish tails are timeless braid styles that can be worm on women of all age groups.

Vixen Weave
Fulani women love to show off their jewelry and their beautiful hair at the same time. This is another similarity between the Fulani women and women from the states. With a vixen weave, you can wear your hair in a variety of ways. This hairstyle shows that the weave can be braided to enhance one’s features. The vixen weave is perfect for the common woman who wants her hair to always be classy.

Afro Wet N Wavy Weave
Watching a woman’s hair transform is an incredible sight to see. This weave style can be worn in its curly state to create a playful look or it can be flat ironed for a sultry appearance. Like the women of the Fulani tribe, versatility in a woman’s hair allows her to showcase all the wonderful aspects of her personality.

Women all over the world love a beautiful hairstyle. And we can all gain inspiration from each other. What hairstyles do you wear to showcase your beauty?