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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

As much as I love rocking braid styles such as; box braids and singles, I am aware of how long they take to complete. When you live a busy lifestyle it can be hard to sacrifice 5 hours for a new set of braids. Since I am always on the look for a new way to create gorgeous braid styles, I was so blown away when I stumbled upon this new style. I was looking for a style that would allow me to workout, run errands, and still look pulled together for those more professional settings. I found Goddess jumbo cornrows, and boy was I impressed with this style.

 I am all about protective styling and keeping my edges intact. I also like to nurture my scalp on a daily basis. The Goddess Jumbo cornrows allow me to follow a hair protective plan with ease and in a short amount of time. This simple style calls for one to braid their hair in cornrows in any desired way. I opted for a slanted cornrow style in my latest look (included photos). Once your hair has been cornrowed, you then take your pre-braided, extensions and you sew one onto each of your braids. You can get a better idea from our tutorial video below.

 The purpose of this style is to decrease the amount tension your hair receives. You no longer have to worry about your hair breaking as it is mixed with the synthetic or human hair. Since your real hair is covered by the pre-braided extension, you won’t have to worry about the look of frizz. You are able to wear this style much longer than any other goddess jumbo style. The best part is that you can reuse the extensions over and over. This not only cuts down on time, but also the cost!