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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to Protect Your Hair While Swimming

The summer weather seems to bring out the best in us all. We start to see fresh pedicures, lighter clothing, and fun hairstyles.

 This is also a great time to enjoy some fun water activities.

 Unfortunately, those same water activities we love to enjoy, have a tendency to wreck our healthy hair care progress.

 Our hair is extremely vulnerable when it is wet. So when you add chlorine or salt water to the mixture, hair is even more susceptible to dryness and damage.

 Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice the health of your hair while you’re out enjoying the warmer summer months.

 Here are a few tips to help you keep your hair intact while swimming.

 Wear Your Hair In Braids
 Braiding your hair will help you keep tangles at bay and especially save your vulnerable ends.
Having you hair braided makes rinsing and cleansing your scalp a breeze. Braids help to keep hair care at a minimal without comprising your style.

 Apply conditioner and wear a swim cap

 Are rocking a curly fro or a straight hairstyle this season? If so, you may want to consider wearing swim cap. There are so many cute options these days and most importantly, your hair will thank you for it. Add conditioner to your hair before putting on the swim cap just to make sure there is a barrier between your hair and the chlorine or salt water. Conditioner will also help you to keep your hair moisturized while you’re out doing some laps.

 Immediately rinse after swimming
 Whether you are wearing braids our your hair out, you want to get rid of the chlorine immediately after leaving the pool. Even if you are swimming in the ocean, you want to remove the salt from your hair so that it does not continue to dry it out. If you are wearing braids and are afraid that you won’t be able to rinse all of the chlorine from your braids do not worry. Pay close attention to your scalp and rinse your braids with warm water. Apply an oil like coconut oil that is great for strengthens and moisturizing.

 These simple tips will help you to maintain your healthy hair regimen without sacrificing your summer water activities.