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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Successfully Transition from Relaxed To Natural Hair

The journey of transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair can, at times, feel overwhelming.

Luckily with the right regimen, you can make the process a lot easier while enjoying your beautiful hair.

 If your number one goal is to maintain length while growing out your relaxed hair, then transitioning is the best option.

To transition means to allow your relaxed hair to grow out while nurturing your natural hair at the same time.

As your natural hair grows in, you will be dealing with two different types of hair textures. Dealing with two types of hair textures may seem difficult but the use of the right products will make the process a lot easier to do.

 Learn What Works 

While getting to know your new growth, you will want to learn how to deal with your natural hair. This may be your first encounter with the different hair texture and you may be unfamiliar with how to properly care for it. You should take time to learn all that you can about your hair type. You can do this by speaking with a hair care expert or by reading articles online. The more information you have, the better off you and your hair will be. Learn what works for your newly grown-in hair by testing different products and hairstyles as well.

 Conditioners Are Your Best Friend 

Speaking of testing products, conditioners are the easiest to begin with when it comes to experimenting and playing with different products. There are so many conditioners available to choose from and in a variety of prices. To begin with, you’ll want to start with a conditioner that can be used for co-washing (conditioner washing). You will also want a good leave-in conditioner that will be used after the hair is washed. Lastly, you will want a deep conditioner that would be used on clean hair at least twice a month. All three conditioners will ensure that your transitioning hair is highly moisturized all of the time.

 Avoid Heat

Frequently using heat on any hair texture can eventually cause damage. Especially while you are transitioning, the use of heat can cause your fragile hair to easily break off. You may be used to the sleek styles that hot styling tools bring but unfortunately, they can do more harm than good. If you are looking to achieve a straight style, there are alternatives. You can wrap your wet hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes or more. You can also use curlers in a variety of sizes and either sit under a dryer or wear them to bed. You will love the curly look and your natural hair and relaxed hair will blend beautifully. There are so many styling tools on the market now that allow for you to still get a great style, and keep your hair healthy at the same time.

Have Patience 

There may be days when you feel overwhelmed by your transitioning hair. When this happens you want to remember why you started the journey in the first place. Constantly take pictures of your progress so that you can see how far you’ve come. Take a look at all of the beautiful natural hairstyles available online for inspiration. You can also try out a protective style like braids to give yourself a break from dealing with your hair. Remember to practice patience and be kind to your hair during the process.

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