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Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Ways To Maintain Braids

Wearing braids is a great way to switch up your look.

Whether you are looking to grow out your hair, or just want to try a different style, braids are a great choice.

After having your hair braided, it is important to maintain them so that the style can last at least for 6 weeks.  Here are 5 ways to maintain your braids

Wrap your braids with a satin scarf every night 

 This is so important because it will help to keep your braids from frizzing up sooner than they should. If you are sleeping on cotton pillow cases, you may want to consider switching to a satin case instead. This will give your hair extra protection during those restless nights.

  Cleanse Your Scalp

 If you have ever had an itchy scalp while wearing braids, then you probably know how annoying it can be. Scratching your scalp is only going to make it more irritated and you will make your braids look a lot older than they are. Your best option is to rinse your scalp so that you remove the dirt and build-up from your hair care products. You can purchase a product like Sea Breeze and lightly apply it to your scalp by using a spray bottle. You can also fill a nozzle with castor oil and lightly apply it to your scalp. This will cleanse, moisturize, and speed up your hair growth.

 Wash Your Braids

It is equally important to wash your braids as it is to wash your scalp. You want to wash your braids with a gentle cleanser that is moisturizing. This will ensure that your hair stays healthy and that your braided extensions keep their luster. Allow your braids to air dry for at least a full day after washing them before doing any heavy manipulation.

  Keep your hair and braids moisturized 

 Moisture is always important and especially important when your hair is braided. If you are using synthetic hair, you want to make sure that you are applying some type of moisture to it your hair since synthetic hair can be very drying. An oil based spritz will make sure that your hair is maintained while put away. The spritz will also add shine to your braids which will make them look shiny and new. Try an olive oil based spritz and make sure to cover each and every braid.

  Stay Away from Tight Ponytails 

 A high ponytail full of small or big braids is a cute look but if tied to tightly, you can be ruining your hairstyle and hairline. Rocking ponytails are great hairstyles especially while working out or running errands but be careful to not wrap the elastic band too many times. Instead of using simple elastic bands, opt for a loose satin band that can be wrapped around few times and won’t tug or your hair. There are a variety of satin hair ties available to purchase.

There you have it. All of the tips you will need to maintain your braided style. If you plan to keep your braids longer than 6 weeks, remember to have them redone section-by-section so that your braids continue to look fresh and neat.

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