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Monday, March 16, 2015

Creating a Moisture and Protein Balance Routine

Moisture and protein are like the yin and yang when it comes to hair.

On one hand, you want your hair to be soft and well moisturized so that it maintains its luster and shine.

Yet, protein is necessary to keep your hair strong and flexible.

The two components are needed to keep your hair beautiful and manageable.

How does one go about maintaining the proper balance?

  It comes down to testing! Yes, in order to find out what your hair needs, you are going to have to figure out by running a couple of tests.


Test 1: How does your hair feel when wet?

You want to get your hair wet so that you can check to see what it’s lacking. Does it feel limp or mushy? This may mean that it has too much moisture. If this is the case, you want to do a protein treatment. A simple protein treatment containing coconut milk will do the trick.

Test 2: Does your hair easily break off with the slightest bit of manipulation?

 You can put this test to work on dry hair. You want to do a light a finger combing with one section of your hair. When you do this, are you noticing a lot of strands in your hand? This might be a clear indication that you need to a moisturizing treatment. Another way to tell if your hair needs moisture is to see how it feels to touch. Does it feel coarse and dry? A simple olive oil or argan oil treatment will do the trick.

Test 3: Now it’s time to test the elasticity of your hair.

 You can easily do this by taking a strand of your hair and tugging on each end. If it continues to stretch out, it needs more protein. If it easily breaks, you need more moisture. If the strands bounce back with no problem, you have mastered the right balance.

 It is best to run tests every few months to make sure you are on the right track. We'd love to hear how you are keeping your hair well balanced. Drop a few lines below.

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