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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Protecting your hairline while wearing braids

The most common complaint about braids is the belief that it causes receding hairline and traction alopecia. The only reason why people who wear braids lose their hairline is because they do not know how how to care for their hairline while in braids. Braids are 'low-maintenance', and not 'no-maintenance' and the hairline, as the most fragile part of the hair definitely needs some tender loving care.

I am someone who has worn braids 80% of the time for the past 15 years, and I still have my hairline intact, and I would like to share some tips on how I maintain a healthy hairline while wearing braids.

1. Do a hot oil/deep conditioning treatment to your hair before installing braids. This gives your edges the extra strength it needs to withstand the tension of installing the braids.

2. Never let your braids be put in too tightly. Tight braids does not mean your hair will last longer, as some people may think. it only puts stress on the root of your hair, and causes hair loss. Also, your stylist does not have to braid every strand of your edges. Leave out tiny wisp of hair and brush it down with a boar bristle brush.

3. Give your edges a break from braids. If possible allow one week after taking out your braids to allow room for your hair to rest before putting your braids back in. change your braid style every so often to switch tension in a new direction. Consider alternating individual braids with cornrows, tree braids, goddess braids and other styles that put less stress on the hair.

4. Get a touchup around your edges every 4 to 6 weeks. This is one of the most single important thing to do to your hair while in braids to preserve your hairline. As the new growth appears, the weight if the bulk hair around your hairline tends to weigh on the new growth causing breakage, so touching up your line helps eliminate that problem . Avoid long braids as it is too heavy for your edges, If you must wear long braids, consider having a part on your braids, and leaving out some of your side edges..

5. Avoid wearing your braids in tight ponytail. Wear your braids in loose ponytail toward the back of your head. Do not sleep with your hair in ponytail.

6. Keep your hairline moisturized and oiled. personally I used Tropical isle living red pimento growth oil on my edges every morning to further strengthen my hairline.

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