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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Which Style Are You?

What are your favorite styles? Braids, twists, micros, natural styles? Are you looking for a new go-to style for the fall? Maybe you have an idea of the look you want but you're not sure which style to go with. Whatever you're after, there's a style for you! Here are some fun style profiles that could help you decide which is the right one for you.

Box braids : : 

Trendy, low maintenance style with some styling variety. Big buns and variety of other styles can be created with box braids. They can be at a more manageable below the shoulder length or a longer celebrity style waist length.

Mini Senegalese twists : :

Chic look with more styling variety. Buns, ponytails, half up styles and more can be achieved with this style

Kinky twists : :

Versatile look that can be either cute and playful or pretty and sassy. This style looks most chic around shoulder length with smartly coiled ends.

Natural styles : :

All-natural beautiful look with lots of choices from twists, cornrows and comb coils, to natural braids and locs. Natural hair care can become more low maintenance with these styles.

Tree Braids : :

Can totally change up your style with a fresh new look. Tree Braids can give the look of having hair out and down while covering and protecting your own hair. There can be lots of styling variety, about as much as you would have with your hair out. This style can give you even more styling variety by adding more length and fullness. You can achieve a look that is cool and sophisticated, fun and sassy, sleek and straight, or curly and wavy with lots of volume.

Be sure to gently cleanse, condition and moisturize your scalp and roots with every style.

The best thing about your hair is that its yours and you can always change it up to suite your taste!

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